In Derry’s Waterfoot Hotel on Wednesday November 28th, Martina hosted a conference on ‘Women Drving Social Change’ Bringing together representatives from women’s organisations from the north West and beyond, Martina delivered the opening address and then the discussions were lead by four keynote speakers -.

Norma Shearer (TWN) – Gender Measures in Peace Funding
Laura Leonard (Belfast City Council EU Unit) – EU Funding Programmes, Gender Measures and further funding
Jennifer McCann MLA (Junior Minister)- Leadership in today’s Assembly
Monica McWilliams (former Womens Coalition MLA) – Leadership in first Assembly.

The four presentations sparked a wide-ranging and extremely informative debate, following which delegates were addressed by Martina’s collegue from the European Parliament, Mikael Gustafsson MEP (Sweden) who is the (first male) chairpoerson of the Parliament’s FEMM (Women’s Rights and Gender Equality) Committee.