I am very gratified at the successful passage of the TPD legislation through the EU Parliament. “This directive contains strong measures which seek to limit the attractiveness of tobacco products to young people and children.
While some MEPs have been exercised over the issue of minimum weight for Roll Your Own tobacco packages, a minimum weight of 30g was agreed in negotiations. Whilst I would have preferred a higher minimum weight, it is important that 30g was agreed as a minimum. These smaller packs, aptly known as ‘kiddie packs’ are evidently much more affordable and therefore attractive to young people who can easily buy them out of their pocket money. It is right that a minimum weight was set, addressing a key aim of this legislation — to reduce the attractiveness of tobacco products to children. “Although I would of course have wished the TPD to be more ambitious, these measures are a step in the right direction in protecting tomorrow’s generation from beginning a habit which kills one in two of its users — any other product with these catastrophic consequences would be banned outright. With 94% of smokers beginning to smoke before the age of 25, it is clear that action to prevent children and young people from starting to smoke is absolutely essential. “This Directive is a vote in favour of public health over the profits of the tobacco industry and I am glad to see that attempts to weaken the agreement and delay the directive were voted down. These products are the direct cause of 7000 deaths in Ireland every year, a shocking statistic which still does not convey the pain of the many others who continue to suffer from poor health. – See more at: http://martinamep.eu/#sthash.XGYAh4RQ.dpuf