Martina Anderson MEP has called on the international community to take tougher measures to demonstrate that illegal actions by Israel against the Palestinian people will no longer be tolerated.

The Sinn Féin MEP was speaking after a meeting with the Palestinian Ambassador,Ahmad Abdelrazek in Dublin today where she discussed her trip to the West Bank at the end of last year. Martina Anderson had witnessed first-hand the many human rights abuses suffered by Palestinians at the hands of Israeli occupying forces.

Ms Anderson said: 

“I conveyed my revulsion at the level of human rights abuse to which the Palestinian people are subjected to. We witnessed this abuse first hand in the West Bank. I also offered my support for stronger measures to be put in place by the international community to challenge the violations of human rights.

“We discussed the EU Guidelines regarding products, which originate in the illegally occupied territories. These should not be allowed to be designated as Israeli products, bestowing on them a sense of legitimacy.

“The Israeli settlements violate international laws and consumers need to be informed if they are buying goods produced in illegal settlements taken from the Palestinian people.

“The Ambassador welcomed the EU decision to cease funding Israeli entities established on illegal settler land. Although it has taken a long time for the EU to take action on this issue, it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction, however I have called for the full implementation of these guidelines.

“It is high time the EU and the international community take tougher measures to demonstrate that Israel’s illegal actions against the Palestinian people will no longer be tolerated.”