Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson met today in Brussels with the Linking Generations group from the North of Ireland.

Commenting on the meeting Martina Anderson said:

“As  Junior Minister in the Stormont Executive I gave my support to the Linking generations project and I am pleased to continue pledge my support and that of Sinn Féin to this excellent cause.

“As we face an ever ageing society, the key links between the generations must be reinforced both for the welfare and happiness of older citizens and that of the younger generations. Social inclusion should be comprehensive and it is groups such as Linking Generations which are so essential in helping to achieve this.

“It is fantastic to see such a group bringing their expertise and enthusiasm on the issue of intergenerational solidarity to Brussels. It is important that groups such as these are able to promote their very worthwhile projects on an international stage. Being proactive in sharing best practices with their European counterparts is to be commended.

“During my time as Junior Minister, we were able to secure a grant scheme for community groups and voluntary organisations working on intergenerational solidarity and active ageing. It is very encouraging to see that since then Linking Generations are continuing their vital work with such enthusiasm. I wish them well on their trip to Brussels.”