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Speeches in Parliament by Martina Anderson MEP.

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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said the priority of European border policies should be saving lives. Ms Anderson said; “The European Union has a duty under the terms its own Charter of Fundamental Rights to invest in saving lives. “At a time when thousands of migrants have already died crossing the Mediterranean in overcrowded boats, the European Union should be focusing its attention on ending this tragedy. “Instead, it feels that it is appropriate to invest colossal amounts of funding biometric and technologically smart borders. “The Smart Borders Proposal appears to be more concerned with the mass collection of data rather than addressing the growing humanitarian crisis which is turning the Mediterranean into a floating cemetery. “The scale of the migrant crisis is clear from the fact that the Irish naval vessel LÉ Eithne has rescued more than 1,000 people from the Mediterranean since leaving our waters in May. “It is imperative that the European Commission prioritises the saving of lives in the Mediterranean instead of collecting information on its own citizens.” – See more at:

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After returning from a recent fact finding mission to Palestine – Martina Anderson MEP informs EU parliament that 13 MEPS where denied access to the Gaza Strip by Israel so that the Israel regime could hide the evidence of war crimes committed by their army during the recent crisis in the area.