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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has remembered the life of former Cumann na mBan volunteer Anne McCoy.

Speaking at her graveside on the 40th anniversary of her death, Ms Anderson said,

“Today we gather here in Cargin Churchyard at the graveside of Ann McCoy to remember another strong, young republican woman and a heroic figure for many people who engaged in our struggle for Irish Freedom and Social Justice. 

“We recall her activism and we write the name Anne McCoy tall in the annals of our Irish republican history.

“Anne McCoy was born on the 14th April 1955 in the townland of Ballynaleaney near Toome on the shores of Lough Neagh, into a family with a strong republican heritage. 

“The sixth of nine children born to John and Nan, Anne was an outgoing and extremely happy young woman.  

“Having trained as a chef, Ann was to find employment in catering at Gallaghers tobacco factory in Ballymena.

“With the outbreak of the conflict in the Six Counties in the late 1960s, Ann was to witness many house raids on her family home by the British Crown Forces, often resulting in the arrest and interrogation of family members.  

“Anne herself experienced arrest and interrogation, when in June 1973 she was taken by Wessex helicopter to Maghera Barracks for interrogation.   

“When asked by her mother about her experience on board the helicopter and her subsequent interrogation, Ann’s typical light-hearted response was: “I never thought Ireland was so beautiful.”

“As OC of Cumann na mBan structures in South West Antrim and neighbouring South Derry, Anne was key to successful IRA operations carried out across the area and in County Tyrone.  

“She was deeply secretive about her republican activities, and was at all times conscious of the personal security of her fellow volunteers.  

“She undertook all her duties with great care and consideration.

“40 years ago today (on the 20th February, 1976) Anne died as a result of a road traffic accident – just a few months before she was due to celebrate her 21st birthday.

“She had been returning home from a visit to Long Kesh to see her fiancé, Dominic McCann who at the time was serving a sentence in ‘The Cages’.
“There are many people gathered here today who have their own personal recollections of Anne’s and her republican activism. 

“The very short account I gave of Anne’s life is based upon an interview carried out with her dear mother and another strong republican activist, Nan, for the purpose of having Anne’s name inscribed in The Republican Women’s Garden at the Roddy McCorley Club in Belfast.  

“Many of the women who were instrumental in having the garden installed with Anne’s name included are here today joining us in our ceremony of remembrance.  

“They are part of a contingent of Belfast republican women who have especially made the journey to Cargin to pay tribute to Anne. 

“They include women who served in the ranks of Cumann na mBan and the Irish Republican Army with many having spent a long number of years in jails across Ireland.

“As we also this year remember the 1981 hunger strike, it is only right and proper that we recall the unforgettable no wash protests by the women in Armagh Gaol. It’s also fitting that today we remember Mohammed Al-Qiq who is on hunger strike in Palestine against administrative detention (internment) for 87 days.

“As I said earlier, this year marks the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising – when men and women went out onto the streets and took on the might of the British Empire. 

“Not only a watershed event in Irish history, the 1916 Rising was a beacon of hope for those nations across the world who would subsequently throw off the yoke of their colonial masters – as the Irish Revolution triggered the first world-wide anti-colonial struggle. 

“From the National Congress in India to Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnamese guerrillas, the paradigm established by Irish Republicans would soon become the blueprint for popular revolt. 

“It is a fire still burning bright in the heart of every anti-Imperialist, and indeed, every Irish Republican here today. 

“Indeed this Easter we should bear in mind that at a time when only a minority of international voices spoke of equality – Irish Republicans at Easter 1916 uniquely declared equal rights and opportunities for Irishmen & Irish women, and a democratic government elected by universal suffrage – it was, and remains, a global event in the ongoing struggle for women’s liberation.

“This Easter we will just not remember The Bold Fenian Men –  We will proudly remembers those republican women who were prepared to sacrifice everything in the struggle for Irish freedom.  

“To paraphrase a brilliant new song to remember the progressive, strong and daring republican women of the early 20th Century – “The Countess fought! Winnie Carney fought!  Kathleen Lynch fought!  and so on it goes on – 

“But today in Cargin we add our own line for the strong republican women of the past 40 years: “Anne McCoy fought, Ethel Lynch fought, Mairead Farrell fought…”  There are many names to add.

“We will remember all of Ireland’s patriot dead with great pride this Easter.

“I wish everyone involved with all the local grassroots initiatives to remember the 1916 Rising all the very best. To Anne’s friends and family we hope you leave here knowing that she will never be forgotten.” ENDS

BREXIT disastrous for Ireland – major conference told

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson will lead an EU cross-party delegation of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Palestine to the West Bank and Gaza from 8th to 12th February 2016.

Martina Anderson said:

“As part of its mandate of democratic scrutiny of the EU policies and budget the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Palestine will travel to the region from 8th to 12th February

“EU support to the Palestinians amounts to 300 million euros per annumand the delegation will assess the situation on the ground and the impact EU policies and assistance programmes are having on the lives of Palestinians.

“In all of our engagements we will be empathising the EU support of a two-state solution that will meet the security requirements of both Palestine and Israel.

“Reciprocal recognition of Palestinian and Israeli security needs, Palestinian aspirations for statehood and sovereignty and an end to the occupation that began in 1967, should form the basis of a conflict resolution process to resolve all permanent status issues in order to end the conflict.

“The implementation of the EU guidelines on the indication of origin of settlement products will also feature in our discussions. The delegation also intends to address the issue of the EU support to the rebuilding of Gaza, the illegal Israeli demolitions of EU-funded structures and the overall cost-effectiveness of EU assistance to the Palestinians.

“Last but not least, it will alsoassess human rights and democratic developments, including the need for the holding of the long-overdue elections to thePalestinian Legislative Council.


The group will be led by Delegation Chair Martina Anderson (GUE/NGL, Irish) and composed of 6 other Members: Margrete Auken (Vice-Chair of Delegation, Greens, Denmark), Roza Thun (EPP, Poland), Eugen Freund (S&D, Austria), Patrick Le Hyaric (GUE/NGL, France), Rosa D’Amato (EFDD, Italy) and Konstantinos Papadakis (NI, Greece).

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson along with Alyn Smith MEP and Jill Evans representing the SNP and Plaid Cymru have today (Wednesday) intervened in a European Parliament debate on the EU proposals which may form a basis for agreement to be presented by the British Prime Minster in a referendum on EU membership.

All agreed that a possible June referendum, in the event that Britain can agree a deal with the other member states, would be disrespectful of elections in May and give insufficient time for a proper campaign.  All three also agreed that Scotland, the North of Ireland and Wales must not be removed from the  EU against their democratic will.

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson said:

“Ireland’s place is Europe and BREXIT is detrimental for Ireland particularly for All Ireland integration.  Sinn Féin wants to see the creation of a social Europe, a Europe with democracy at its core and a Europe that is closer to citizens. 

“The north should have its own referendum,  calculated and counted separately and the outcome respected.  The result of an English referendum should not be imposed on the people of the North of Ireland.  

Alan Smyth, the SNP MEP added,

“We have elections in May and a fundamentally different set of attitudes to EU issues, and a June referendum would be disrespectful of democracy in our countries. We in Scotland were in our own referendum promised by the Prime Minister that Britain is a ‘family of nations’ and we are fully entitled to expect that to be respected now.

“Scotland has a different politics and a different attitude to the EU. If, as I expect, a majority of Scots vote to remain in the EU, it would be a democratic outrage for us to be removed from the EU against our will.”

Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans concluded:

“I represent Wales and EU membership has brought us positive economic, social and cultural benefits. I also believe that the EU has benefitted from having Wales as a member. 

“There is a great deal about the EU I would like to change. But we can only do that by working with our European partners – to improve policy and make the EU more effective and more responsive. 

“We are far better off working for change from within than shouting from the side-lines. If Wales votes to remain in, we should not be dragged out against our democratic will. 

“I want to really engage people in an open, honest, fact-based and mature debate because it’s a decision that will affect many generations to come.” ENDS

Here is a number of links to access EU open calls for funding, for more information visit the links below:



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Open Calls


CEF-TC-2015-1: eDelivery
Deadline: 19th January 2016

CEF-TC-2015-1: eInvoicing
Deadline: 19th January 2016

CEF-TC-2015-1: Public Open Data
Deadline: 19th January 2016

CEF-TC-2015-1: Safer Internet
Deadline: 19th January 2016

CEF-TC-2015-2 – eProcurement
Deadline: 15th March 2016

CEF-TC-2015-2 eHealth
Deadline: 15th March 2016

CEF-TC-2015-2 – eIdentification (eID)
Deadline: 15th March 2016

CEF-TC-2015-3 – Online Dispute Resolution Generic Services (ODR)
Deadline: 15th March 2016


Cohesion Call
Deadline: 16th February 2016

General Call
Deadline: 16th February 2016


COS-DESIGN-2015-3-06: More Favourable Conditions for Business Creation and Growth
Deadline: 14th April 2016

Creative Europe

EACEA/15/2015: Support for Access to Markets
Deadline: 28th January 2016

EACEA/11/2015: Support to International Co-Production Funds
Deadline: 25th February 2016

EAC/S21/2013: Distribution – Support to Sales Agents
Deadline: 1st March 2016

EACEA 20/2015: Support for the Development of European Video Games
Deadline: 3rd March 2016

EACEA 22/2015: Support to Audience Development
Deadline: 3rd March 2016

EACEA/18/2015: Support for Development of Single Projects 2016
Deadline: 21st April 2016

EACEA/16/2015: Support for Film Festivals
Deadline: 28th April 2016

EACEA/21/2015: TV Programming 2016
Deadline: 26th May 2016

EACEA/13/2015: Distribution Selective Scheme – Support for the Transnational Distribution of European Films 2016
Deadline: 14th June 2016

EACEA/19/2015: Development Slate Funding 2016
Deadline: 4th February 2016

EACEA/27/2014: Distribution Automatic Support 2015
Deadline: 2nd August 2016

EACEA/07/2015: Distribution – Support to Sales Agents 2015
Deadline: 1st March 2017

EAC/14/2014: Experts for the European Capital of Culture Panel 
Deadline: 31st December 2020


VP/ 2015/006: EaSI-EURES: Targeted Mobility Scheme – Your First EURES Job
Deadline: 18th March 2016


EAC/A04/2015: Erasmus+ Programme
Deadline: Various

Europe for Citizens

EACEA 36/2014: European Remembrance 2016
Deadline: 1st March 2016

EACEA 36/2014: Town Twinning
Deadline: 1st March 2016

EACEA 36/2014: Networks of Towns
Deadline: 1st March 2016

EACEA 36/2014: Civil Society Projects
Deadline: 1st March 2016

Rights, Equality & Citizenship

JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/0116: Action Grants for Running 116 000 Hotlines for Missing Children
Deadline: 12th January 2016

JUST/2015/RRAC/AG: Action Grants to Support Transnational Projects to Prevent and Combat Racism, Xenophobia, Homophobia and Other Forms of Intolerance
Deadline: 18th February 2016

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Sinn Féin has huge concerns regarding TTIP from the manner in which it is being secretly negotiated to elements within the mandate which have been forced public by leaks.

I will be speaking at this public meeting next Thursday in Enniskillen, hosted by Fermanagh South Tryone MLA Phil Flanagan, so it would be great if you could come along.