Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said the only money to come into the north as a result of Brexit was the ‘dark money’ the DUP received to back leaving the EU. 

Speaking in Brussels, Martina Anderson said: 

“The only money that came to the North of Ireland through BREXIT was dark, shadowy and unaccountable. 

“The DUP received  the grand total of £425,622 to advertise support for BREXIT and the vast majority was spent in Britain, not in Ireland.

“The unanswered questioned is – who paid the DUP?

“The DUP has been asked to report on the original source of this money bit so far we have not had any answers. 

“Serious allegations by Open Democracy linked the previously unheard of Constitutional Research Council and  Saudi intelligence to the cash. 

“Whoever the donors are, we know that the DUP took the money for Brexit but we’ll all pay the price.”