Praising the stirling work on the ground by North Belfast community activists on her latest visit to the constituency, Sinn Fein MEP

Martina Anderson said:


“It’s inspiring to be back in North Belfast again meeting community activists who are working day and daily on the crucial issues of

suicide prevention, family support, child care and peace building.


“Inner city areas like North Belfast have so much in common with my own community in Derry dealing with all the same problems

including a housing crisis, deprivation and particularly the extremely high levels of suicide amongst our young people.


“The Stirling work being done by the activists I met today demonstrates that not only is there real hope, but also significant practical

steps being made to address the legacy of discrimination and poverty in these communities.


“I was struck by the wonderful work being done by PIPS (Public Initiative for the Prevention of Suicide)  and Lighthouse on suicide

prevention offering support to families, advice to those at risk and developing services for the North Belfast community.


“There’s no doubt that in the face of extreme adversity the people I met today have come to the fore using their own experiences and

skills to help others.


“Of course my visit today which is the latest in a series of engagements across North Belfast to gather information and provide any

assistance I can as a member of the European Parliament in the objective of putting Ireland first in Europe.


“I have hosted many people from North Belfast in the European Parliament on a range of issues and I intend to continue with that



“I look forward to seeing some of the people I met today in Brussels and bringing their experience to bear on decision makers.”