Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson will host a conference on the impact of Brexit on human and equality rights in Belfast tomorrow. 

Speaking ahead of the event, Martina Anderson said: 

“Tomorrow in Belfast I will be holding a conference entitled ‘Protecting human and equality rights from Brexit’ which will discuss the impact of the Tory Brexit agenda on rights. 

“While much of the focus on Brexit to date has been about the border and trade there is no doubt that it also represents a significant threat to our rights. 

“This event will bring together a range of panelists and experts to discuss the impact of Brexit the rights that so many take for grated but that we could be set to lose. 

“These panelists include Róisín Mallon, Liam Hendrick, Dr Tobias Lock, Professor Colin Harvey, Les Allenby and Dr Nikos Skoutous. 

“The event will also look at how securing special status for the north within the EU can protect our rights and equality and what those rights would look like under special status. 

“The case put forward by Sinn Féin for securing special status for the north within the EU offers the best protection for our rights against the Tory Brexit agenda.”