Sinn  Féin MEP Martina Anderson has signed the petition calling for the repatriation  of Michael Campbell from Lithuania to a prison in Ireland.
Martina Anderson said:
“This is a human Rights issue and I believe that the condition in which  Michael Campbell is being held does not comply with the humane standards in  which prisoners anywhere should be held.
“In December 2012, Michael Campbell was sentenced to 12 years  imprisonment for allegedly attempting to purchase weapons for a dissident  Republican Organisation. He is currently in his 6th year in a Lithuanian Prison.  During this time he has endured inhumane and degrading conditions. Signing this  petition is not an endorsement of the alleged activities for which Michael  Campbell is imprisoned.
“The fact that these inhumane and degrading conditions are prevalent in  Lithuanian Prisons has been confirmed in reports by representatives of Amnesty  International and the Council of Europe’s Committee on Prevention of Torture  among others.
“Both Article 3 of the  European Convention of Human Rights and Article 5 of the Universal Declaration  of Human Rights prohibit ‘inhuman and degrading treatment.’ It has been  established that the conditions in which Michael Campbell is being held breaches  both these conventions. These degrading conditions include poor sanitary  provision, lack of adequate nutrition and a constant and serious threat of  violence.
“It  is only right therefore, that we support the petition to have Michael Campbell  repatriated to Ireland so that he can serve out the remainder of his sentence  close to family and friends. This is a basic human rights issue.”