Martina Anderson MEP has demanded the immediate release of 18 members of   Herrira, the Basque prisoners support group.

“Yesterday, Spanish police raided the offices of Herrira and   arrested 18 of their members. This is a violation of the fundamental right to   freedom of association and freedom of expression.

“Dealing with the issue of prisoners is an essential part of   developing the peace process in the Basque Country. Basque prisoners should be   repatriated to the Basque Country in order to be close to their families and   seriously ill prisoners should be released.

“Herrira have an important role to play in defending the human   rights of Basque prisoners and in promoting a peaceful resolution of the   conflict in the Basque Country.”

“Yesterdays action shows the lack of political will of the Spanish   government regarding the peace process. The Spanish government should once and   for all commit to peace, democracy and respect of human and political   rights.The 18 members of Herrira   who have been arrested must be released immediately.”