Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has called for a suckler scheme for Severely Disadvantaged Area (SDA) farmers. 
Ms Anderson said,  ” I feel that with lower beef prices and a move towards a flat rate payment system that it is vitally important that we support our beef sector particularly in the SDA’s.”
 “However as opposed to the UFU proposal that a suckler scheme should be implemented as some type of trade off for a two region model, I feel that a suckler scheme is justified under a one region model, as the beef sector either deserves support or it doesn’t, I believe it does.”
In conclusion the MEP said, 
“I still firmly believe that we need to see a fair implementation of CAP reform with a swift move to a flat rate, to better reflect the needs of productive farmers across the board not just in the lowland areas. As I have said a two region model merely ghettoises the SDA’s and perpetuates an unbalanced distribution of EU subsidies.”