Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said a flotilla of aid ships must be allowed to deliver humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

Speaking in Brussels at the launch of the latest freedom flotilla to Gaza, Ms Anderson said;

“Gaza has suffered under the Israeli blockade for the last eight years. The restrictions this has placed on the freedom of movement, access to outside markets and the import of vital products has brought massive hardship on the people.

“This blockade has been compounded by three major military onslaughts on Gaza by Israel over the last eight years which has destroyed Gaza’s infrastructure and damaged 18,000 houses.

“The ongoing blockade is illegal and is a denial of the human rights of the Palestinian people. Under international law the people of Gaza have the right to an adequate standard of living and they are currently being denied this.

“The freedom flotilla is a grass-roots, non-violent movement carrying materials such as medicine and essential aid for the people of Gaza.

“It has the support of millions of people around the world as it delivers essential humanitarian aid.

“It must be allowed to enter Gaza uninterrupted to deliver its important cargo to the people of Palestine.”